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Introduction to Classic Cocktails and Technique Development

The best bartenders have a solid knowledge of the classics. Your staff will receive a step-by-step demonstration of how to make classic cocktails and how to craft new ones.

When you make a classic cocktail, all of the senses should be stimulated—touch, sight, smell, and taste. A personal touch is added with each creation. Knowing how to balance each drink, stir, shake, and garnish, is all part of the moment that you create between you and your guest. The bartender who has the foundational knowledge to create and the confidence to play is the one who will create the perfect moment for the guest.

We recommend offering your staff an introductory class on classic cocktails, basic techniques, and well-balanced libations.


Learn Proper Bar Techniques With The Bar Consulate

Proper bar technique begins with an organized and orderly bar. With our help, your bartenders will understand what makes for the most efficient workspace. Practical arrangement of tools and liquors and working quickly without sacrificing quality are cornerstones of this lesson. Also, we cover the importance of body language, maintaining composure under pressure, and the art of elegant presentation.

Bartending Techniques You Need to Know

Use Both Hands

Always have each hand working on a different part of a cocktail. If one hand is pouring vodka, the other should be grabbing the soda gun

Keep Your Head and Face Out

Always be on the lookout for more orders. Be ready to take the next order before you are finished with your current drink

Don't Just Make One Drink

If you are serving a group, find out the entire order. Odds are some people might be ordering the same drink or certain drinks use the same ingredients

Practice Handling Money

The faster you can count and cash money the quicker you can make more. Practice rifling through 100 singles to improve your speed

Learn the Backhand Pour

The backhand pour is faster, more accurate, and puts less pressure on your wrist. Master this technique to help your overall bar performance

Keep Your Area Clean

The cleaner your bar area is, the more professional you will appear. Use downtime to clean the drink rail, bar utensils, and surrounding area

Leave Space At the Top of Drinks

Always leave space at the top when pouring a drink. This makes the transportation easier and results in less spills (1/4 inch)

Know Where Your Equipment Is

Don’t waste time looking for your equipment. Have them nearby and ready to use including bottle openers, wine openers, shakers, strainers, pens, etc.

Known Your Inventory

Nothing is worse than not knowing how to pronounce a drink in front of customers. Know the drinks you serve inside and out