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Do you own a bar or restaurant in Somerville and are looking to improve your customer experience? The Bar Consulate can help. We can help you create new custom drink menus and cocktails that have seasonal appeal and will get your business back on track. We create custom plans that are tailored to each venue that can include bartender education, spirit education, and more.

Bartender Education in Somerville, MA

If you are looking to take your restaurant, bar, or hotel to the next level, working with the Bar Consulate is where you should start. We see this happen all the time with drink menus and spirit education; As time goes on, your menu begins to change, and your current drink selection becomes outdated. The Bar Consulate can help your venue in Somerville, MA update its drink menu and help your bartenders become more educated on different spirits and bartender tactics.

Bar/Restaurant Services in Somerville, MA

The Bar Consulate in Somerville, MA

If you are looking to update your bar in Somerville, MA, turn to The Bar Consulate to help. We have worked with a variety of different types of bars and restaurants helping revamp cocktail lists and make bartenders more knowledgeable. We even doing wedding cocktail planning! Call 978.467.5725 for more information!