New York City is home to over 10,000 bars and restaurants, offering customers and unique experience no matter where you go. With tons of different options to order from, it can be difficult for customers to choose what they want to drink. Having a cocktail list that is simply yet elegant can help your business. The Bar Consulate helps bars and restaurants in New York City reinvent their cocktails list and give them style

Bartender Education in New York, NY

If you own a restaurant, bar or hotel in New York City, you always must be thinking ahead: What will customers most likely order? What menu items aren’t performing well and why? The Bar Consulate helps reinvent cocktail and menus to bring out the authenticity of your establishment. We can educate your bartenders with our custom mixology classes and help create different seasonal drinks, classic cocktails, or an entire new cocktail list that fits the mood and style you are looking to achieve.

Bar/Restauran  Services in New York, NY

The Bar Consulate in New, York

If you are in New York, NY and are looking upscale your restaurant, bar, hotel, or wedding, call 978.467.5725! We can even help you create customize cocktails for weddings and events!