Welcome to the Bar Consulate.

We specialize in creating marketable beverage programs, including venue layout, spirit education, and liquor cost control. With a passion for cocktails, we want to help achieve your long and short-term beverage goals.

“Trends will come and go, but the roots of food and beverage will always stay the same.”
– Juan Carlos Pérez

Build Better Cocktails. Employees. Techniques. Management. Experiences.

Revamping Your Cocktail List

The number one thing that customers look for in an establishment is consistency. However, interest is also trending toward seasonality, unique flavor profiles, and fresh ingredients.

Creating A New Cocktail List

If you are just getting started in the industry or feel that it is time for a complete overhaul of your current cocktail list, we love a challenge.

Bartender Education

The best bartenders have a solid knowledge of the classics. Your staff will receive a step-by-step demonstration of how to make classic cocktails and how to craft new ones.

Spirit Education

Improved knowledge of spirits will go a long way toward improving your bar business. A bartender that can speak confidently and knowledgeably is likely to improve the check average and customer satisfaction.

Wedding Cocktail Planning

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Let us help you create a signature cocktail that will tell your love story for years to come.